Anambra: Transport Fares To Jump By 150 Percent As Soludo Imposes Levies On Transport Operators

Constance Ejezie, 

It is very likely that public.transport users within Anambra are likely to spend more money commuting from place to place as the Soludo administration is set to impose a new set of fresh levies on  transport operators within the state.


Tricycle riders popularly known as keke are to pay as much as 24,000 a month while commercial bus drivers are to pay the whooping amount of 35,000 every month inclusive of union dues-
AT gathered that unions of these transport operators are gearing to shut down operations in protest against such fees which they have described as harsh and inconsiderate on the conditions of these operators who have to battle other set of worsening conditions such as fuel and the cost of living.
Also the operators are frowning on the monthly payment which is far different from the daily payment option which sees these operators operate under a pay as you go system, the monthly levy they say is largely unrealistic since it comes into force whether one had worked in that month or not.
A transport operator who opted for anonymity  asked ” What would happen if we have to service or tricycles or have course to travel out for a day or two or fall ill? Would such a tax or.levy be fair or economically correct?”
We are currently battling other issues such as buying fuel at the slated price of 165 and the increased cost of living, how then do we bear with all these?  How?”
Readers will also recall that AT had  also reported that the Soludo  administration had also jerked up the rates  paid by market men and women in the state.
With such development it means that commuters will have to pay more as transport fares as prices could skyrocket by 150 percent which in turn could affect the prices of goods and services.
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