The news of the planned shutting down of 1075 unapproved primary and secondary schools in the state has surely elicited mixed feelings. As a news medium we owe it as a sacred duty to stand on the side of what is right irrespective of who’s interest is affected. To this end we understand the Anambra State Government’s resolve to tackle this problem since such schools may not have met the basic requirements expected of a school.

With such, these unauthorized schools asides from been shut down would also see their pupils and students barred from taking part in the Common Entrance exams or general exams such as Transition Placement Exams, First School Leaving Examination Exams, Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE), Senior School Certificate Exams (WAEC/NECO), etc.
We however are wary of what an immediate shutdown of such schools may have on these children. Shutting them down immediately may impair the academic calendar of these pupils and students as well as put at most its staff members who are dependent on their jobs in these schools for their daily bread as well as the sustenance of their families and loved ones.
Thankfully, the administration has given these schools a window of opportunity to register these establishment and adhere to the procedures for school inspection.
We however frown on the call by parents to immediately withdraw their children from the schools and make alternative plans to enroll them in state-approved schools. Coming at this point in time when schools are rounding off the completion of their academic calendars , asking these pupils to be enrolled in other schools at such short notice will surely spell no good for anyone.
What would work would be a timeline for these schools to apply for registration and inspection say within six to nine months. Schools which then meet such a timeline and scale the inspection exercise will be allowed to continue, those which cannot meet such inspection requirements would then be asked to meet such requirements within such a time and should they fail to meet such provisions as requested of them the authorities will then shut them down until such provisions are met.
We commend the Soludo administration and urge it to ensure that the process of inspecting these schools are thorough and uncompromising in nature, since
In such a process can the quality of our education as well as the future of the Anambra child become enhanced.
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