On Anambra State’s Ban on Unlawful Collection of Levies From Property Developers By Youth Organisations



The news that the Anambra State Government has recently banned the unlawful collection of levies by youth organisations from people carrying out all forms of construction work with appropriate titles in the state is indeed commendable.


Anambra Times as a medium salutes the courage of the Chukwuma Soludo administration to end such illegal activity which has naturally scared away a number of property developers from carrying out projects that would beneficial to these communities towns and even the state. Such a resolution is indeed a testament to the fact that the Soludo administration means business.
The act of collecting levies from property developers whether it be for their private use or for the public has much fueled laziness amongst the youths of Anambra who go about extorting people under the guise of obtaining levies. On most occasions when such a developer fails to oblige them, these youths use all sorts of acts to compel such a developer to pay the levy, sometimes using violent means. In some communities, it is alleged that these youths even have levies for various stages of the construction process, leaving the developer at the mercy of such rent seeking.
While we commend the Soludo administration for the verbal pronouncement on such, we urge the administration to go one step further by ensuring its total implementation all over the state. The government must be ready to deal decisively with defaulters and their sponsors. Thankfully, there is a law in place which is the The Prohibition of Fraudulent Practices on Land and Property law of 2012 , with punishments ranging from imprisonment and a fine of N500,000 or both. all the state government needs now is to ensure that such a practice is severely punishable.
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