Anambra Central Senatorial District: Its A Squaring Of Old and New Foes


Tony Okonkwo


As the 2003 race draws nigh, elections into the National Assembly will also be keenly contested by the big parties such s the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and the People’s  Democratic Party PDP each seeking to control both chambers of the legislature in order to ensure that the legislative agenda of each party is implemented should  either of these parties win a majority of seats.


Failure  of either party to do so could spell doom for the losing party should it emerge victorious  at the presidential  elections, as the party with the majority  of seats could go on to block the agenda of the executive branch and frustrate its implementation.
Our nation’s democratic  history is filled with such happenings, particularly in the first and second republics for which  the ruling parties then had to enter into an alliance of sorts with certain members  of  the opposition in order to ensure a smooth sail for the ruling party. The Nigerian People’s  Congress, NPC was to enter into an alliance with Zik’s National Convention of Nigerian Citizens NCNC with Obafemi Awolowo’ s Action Group as the main opposition. In 1979, following the National Party of Nigeria NPN’s failure to win an effective majority in the National Assembly, it formed what was then known as an “Accord Concordiale” with Zik’s Nigerian People’s Party, NPP. This was however not the case in the short-lived third republic and the fourth republic.
Anambra like every other state has three Senatorial Districts namely, Anambra North, Anambra South and Anambra Central. Each zone has seven local government areas each from which a senator must emerge from. In Anambra South, it will be a battle royale between four major contenders, namely Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji(APC)  Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, (YPP) Chris Uba (PDP) and Hon Chris Azubuogu(APGA). For the Anambra North Senatorial District it is Barrister Ify Anaezonwu (APC) Tony Nwoye(Labour Party) Stella Oduah(PDP) and former First Lady of Anambra, Ebele Obiano.
For the Anambra Central Senatorial District, it is going to be a war of known foes and new faces as four candidates will be going for the broke come February 23, 2023.
For the likes of Senator Victor Umeh, former National Chairman All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA and Senator Uche Ekwunife of the PDP, the 2023 elections will be the third time both opponents will square it off. Both faced each other in 2015 with Ekwunife routing Umeh or so the public thought until Umeh challenged the process by which Ekwunife had emerged as a Senatorial candidate and successfully  had the Appeal Court in Enugu order a rerun which also  barred the PDP from presenting a candidate in that election. Umeh was to later go on to emerge as a Senator after a tortuous process in the courts, however by 2015 he again faced Uche Ekwunife in the 2019 elections losing again. Umeh was to attempt getting the APGA ticket for a third straight time but was to lose to Hon Dozie Nwankwo. Umeh feeling betrayed by certain forces in APGA’s leadership quickly moved to the Labour Party where he will now do battle with Ekwunife , Dozie Nwankwo and Kodilichukwu Okelekwe for the Anambra Central Senatorial Seat.
Ekwunife being the  incumbent has been a veteran of a number of electoral battles having represented the Anaocha, Njikoka and Dunukofia Federal Constituency in 2007 and 2011 respectively.  Matter of fact in the 2011 contest she had seen off Nwankwo in that election before a court ordered a rerun which saw her trouncing Nwankwo a second time. Ekwunife posseses a worthy grassroots hold and also has a sterling legislative career, combining this with her well planned campaigns has seen her win again and again at the polls. However, Ekwunife may not have it rosy this time around as she will have to campaign without a Peter Obi by her side, as the former Anambra State Governor has always backed Ekwunife at the polls. For example in 2019 his nomination as running mate to Atiku Abubakar spurred Ekwunife to victory , today, Obi himself is running  for president on the platform of the Labour Party this may swing a number of votes that have traditionally gone Ekwunife’s way to Umeh who will definitely inherit from his new found partnership with Obi in Labour Party. This is not to say that Umeh will find it easy. He will be running against his former party which has a new leader in the person of Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, Governor of Anambra State. Soludo in seeking to impose his party’s hegemony in Anambra will definitely attempt to deliver APGA’s candidates in all of the elections, using  APGA’s  structure and his goodwill as a fresh governor, this may rub off negatively on Umeh as he would have to contend with APGA in the seven local government areas.
Besides that Hon Dozie Nwankwo would not also be a push over for either Umeh or Ekwunife. While not possessing a sterling legislative career like Ekwunife, Nwankwo boasts of a massive political structure and deep financial pocket to match the duo. He also posseses the much needed experience in electioneering which may come in handy and will likely enjoy the support of the state government’s  machinery.
For Kodilichukwu Okelekwe of the APC, it will not be in the interest of the other contenders to write him off. Okelekwe is definitely not a green horn having jostled for the Senatorial ticket in 2015, nearly upsetting the apple cart then. He will be bringing to the race his years of experience both in the private and public sectors as well as boast of the support of the ruling party, which may decide to throw the kitchen sink and do everything to win some seats in the SouthEast region.
While the elections are some eight months away and campaigns yet to formally begin, the Anambra Central Senatorial District race will definitely be a memorable contest to watch out for with the auguries silent on which way the pendulum will definitely swing.
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Soludo Mocks Labour Party, Says Elections Are Not Won On Social Media

The Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo has downplayed the threat of Labour Party causing any upset in the 2023 elections saying that APGA was the nation’s  third political force.


Soludo  stated this while hosting party faithful at the Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area.

He criticised those who had decamped from APGA to LP  in the wake of losing in the  APGA primary elections, describing such an action as a poor choice.

Soludo wondered how a party without a councillor could  win elections.
Readers would recall that a one time National Chairman of APGA, Senator Victor Umeh had joined the Labour Party following his loss at primaries picking the Labour Party ticket.

Soludo said: “It is sad that the people that left had to leave. Why would one leave a party he had laboured to build? It is not good to labour in vain.

“However, they are not contesting elections. The election in Anambra is between APGA and other political parties.

“APGA remains the third in Nigeria as the country inches closer to the 2023 general elections.

“Elections are not done on WhatsApp or the internet. You have to be on the ground. APGA is on the ground here and everywhere.

“How can a party that does not have a councillor want to compete with us?
“We are strong and we are growing stronger and stand a real chance in Abia. We will compete in all places vigorously.
“We shall campaign when it starts, and by the time we enter January, we will know those that are still contesting.
“Our victory will be resounding this time but we will not take anything for granted. Anambra people will see,” he said.

Soludo said APGA would avidly contest all positions it had candidates vying.
He said in Anambra, the objective would be to win 30 seats in the House of Assembly, all 11 in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate.

Soludo said around 220 kilometers of roads had been intended for development and that all the 21 Local Government Areas in the state would observer immense  rehabilitation  after the downpours.

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My Takeaways From The Various Presidential Primaries (2)



By Igboeli Arinze 

The APC Primaries was the much heralded event of all the primaries, asides from it been the ruling party, it paraded the biggest array of aspirants, big names in the nation’s politics, the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo,  Governor David Umahi, Senate President Ahmed Lawan, Rochas Okorocha, Governor Badaru and Emeka Nwajiuba had all indicated interest  in succeeding President Muhammadu Buhari.

With the PDP concluding its own primaries, all eyes turned to the ruling party alongside the accompanied accoutrements of prophecies of doom and foreseen implosions. A number of hack journalists had even alleged that there was a gang up against its National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, others shouted to the rooftops that there was no way the North would allow the South have its way with the ticket. Matters were not also helped when the likes of Governor Badaru and Ahmed Lawan declared for the Office as well as the emergence of Atiku Abubakar.
These conspiracy theories were however fueled by the continuous shifts in the dates scheduled for the primaries. Everyday a new theory would evolve as to how Buhari had endorsed one particular candidate and how the same Buhari had just endorsed another. There were stories of how the party had disqualified ten aspirants and how the party had arrived at a false consensus.
However things began to take shape when news reports filtered in that the Northern Governors elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress had agreed to support a Southern Candidate.
In a statement signed by 11 Governors, they said it was a question of honour for the APC and that after President Muhammadu Buhari had completed his eight years in power it was the turn of the South to take its shot at power.
But there happened to be another twist to the convention, a rumor had somewhat found vent that the party had settled for Ahmed Lawan, such a pronouncement was to mar a number of permutations as well as unsettle the party, since all the aspirants had settled for an elective contest and anything short of such would cause an implosion and do the party’s electoral chances a certain level of damage.
But like the heroes of this nascent democracy, the Northern Governors stuck to their guns and there would be no going back. By virtue of such an act these governors had helped save the APC as well as preserve the fabric thinly holding the nation’s stability!  This was one big takeaway from that convention, and that was the fact that there was or there is still some honour in our politics. The Northern Governors could have used the superiority of numbers and the latent excuse that democracy gives to have one of their own elected as the APC candidate, but understanding that the Nigerian project is bigger than anyone  or region chose to bury such aspirations and allow the South produce a president.
The primaries itself was a carnival of sorts and the drama that ensued could make the producer of the famous political series ‘House of Cards’ grin with envy. As a number of aspirants began to step down for Bola Ahmed Tinubu with that of  Governor Kayode Fayemi and Senator Ibikunle Amosun as the bellringing exemplars it became obvious that the election was for Bola Tinubu to lose and win he did!
Another big takeaway from the APC primaries was the fact that all politics is local or should I say regional! While the SouthWest seemingly appeared to close ranks and see a sitting Governor and serving senator put away their aspirations for one of their own ( Despite the fact that the trio, Bola Tinubu, Fayemi and Amosun were not prior to that period the best of friends) the SouthEast played theirs like some circus. We had an Orji Uzor Kalu playing the perennial spoiler as he rooted for Lawan, while we had a David Umahi, Emeka Nwajiuba and Ogbonnaya Onu in the race. Again, it did appear that asides from Umahi, the rest of the SouthEast aspirants were banking on an “anointing” of sorts, while their fellow aspirants traversed the nation, seeking the support of the delegates.
When such an anointing failed to come we saw what I call a melodramatic appearance by Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu,  who bellowed out the words “Where is the justice? “ decrying the non decision of the party to zone the ticket to the SouthEast Region. While many may have agreed with Ogbonnaya Onu’s stance, one other takeaway from the APC Primaries is that power is taken and not served a la carte.
Lastly, Tinubu’s acceptance speech as well as his conciliatory visits to his fellow aspirants should as always suggest to many Nigerians that politics is about interest alone and there are no permanent friends nor foes. Such a move has helped managed the fallouts of the primaries and  paved the way for him to unite the APC and meet the PDP in the polls where it should  be all about issues and the party’s relative performance in power.
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My Takeaways From The Various Presidential Primaries (1)


By Igboeli Arinze

By now, a number of political parties would have concluded on who would bear their presidential flags in the forthcoming general elections come 2023. Now, while a number of these parties have succeeded in meeting INEC’s rescheduled deadline. It is obvious that except there are a few upsets, the forthcoming elections, particularly that of the presidency would be at most a two party race, not even Peter Obi’s move into the Labour Party, will help change much. However, we are sure that Nigeria and Nigerians will experience a new high within our political process, one the country can hopefully build upon for a better polity.


The People’s Democratic Party, PDP produced an Atiku Abubakar, a Fulani from the NorthEast and one time Vice President of the Federation. A perennial presidential aspirant cum candidate since 1993, Atiku’s decision to run for President this time around portrayed him as one without principles and desperate for power. This same Atiku had in 2011 insisted on the zoning of the presidency to the North in order to maintain the sacrosanctity of PDP’s zoning arrangement. He had even contested the primaries suffering a resounding defeat at the hands of the then incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan. Matter of fact, Atiku’s decision to quit the PDP for the APC was borne on the body language of Jonathan to again seek another term in office. He however criss crossed back to the PDP, picking up the ticket but losing again to the incumbent in President Muhammadu Buhari. This time around, Atiku withstood every sensible and just clamour for the PDP to zone the presidency to the South, following the near completion of President Buhari’s eight years in office. Sadly, Atiku was to have his way beating Nyesome Wike, the present sitting Governor of Rivers State at the PDP’s convention. Atiku’s emergence was due to the lack of Southern Solidarity as SouthWest and South South delegates allegedly cast their votes for Atiku. Not even the maverick like decision of Governor Tambuwal to step down for Atiku pricked his Southern counterparts, they sold Governor Wike out and ended the hopes of the PDP producing a Southerner for President.
For Governor Wike, history will be kind to him. Wike was the brave face of the South in that convention, even though he lost due to the evil machinations of his Southern counterparts. Unlike some politicians who much preferred to chicken out of the race a few days to the primaries after grandstanding at some mausoleums, Wike, became the symbol of the South in the PDP attempting to match Atiku, man to man.


The PDP primaries witnessed a heavy dollarizarion of the process as a majority of the party’s aspirants engaged each other in an all out scramble for the votes of their delegates, a sad reminder that our democracy is still the play thing of the rich and mighty.


The primaries of the Labour Party was to follow suit, and with the entry of the former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi into the party, following his chickening out from the PDP’s race on the alleged story that the process had been heavily monetized. Yet in his bid to portray himself as a saint with one watch and two shoes, our Hong-Kong /China exponent forgot how he nicked the APGA ticket in 2003, supplanting in a manner even the Medici’s would be ashamed of the would be winner of that primaries in the person of Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu, the current National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress, ADC.


Even at that, I can boldly say that Obi’s decision to quit the PDP was a political blunder, his name on the PDP ticket would have bolstered the party’s chances at the polls and would have dealt a more serious blow to the APC’s desire to retain power. Obi’s choice of the Labour Party makes him a king in a small fiefdom as elections are not won on the platforms of social media or on ethnic rabble rousing. Elections are won via party structures, which are built over the years and political climes like Nigeria, have not afforded media creations or myths like Obi the opportunity to blossom beyond their immediate spaces, the likes of Azikiwe, Awolowo, Aminu Kano and Nuhu Ribadu are classical example. Even the incumbent in Muhammadu Buhari experienced such trends until the formation of the All Progressives Congress which had a national outlook.


The biggest upset did not occur in the two political parties but in the small ones, with a Kingsley Moghalu losing to an unknown Dumebi Kachikwu. Moghalu, who had featured brilliantly in the 2019’elections was hoping to do an encore in the 2023 elections only to lose to Kachikwu who happens to be the younger brother to Nigeria’s former Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu.


Igboeli is the Managing Editor of

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Labour Party Not A Force In Anambra – Senator Oduah


Jideofor Ogbonna

 A serving senator representing Anambra North, Senator Stella Oduah (PDP) has dismissed the entry of  the Labour Party into Anambra through former governor Peter Obi as its Presidential Candidate, saying that it is no threat to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Oduah stated this at a news conference during the presentation of certificates of return to 30 PDP candidates who won the party primaries for both the House of Assembly and National Assembly on Thursday in Abuja.
AT reports that 20 House of Assembly PDP candidates and 10 National Assembly candidates from Anambra North and South were presented with certificates of return.
Oduah(PDP)  said that Igbos should work with a party and candidate that would win the presidency and a party that would take them to the national level.
The former minister of Aviation noted the decamping of Obi to the Labour Party  was not the first time a new party would come into Anambra, adding that the PDP had always defeated them.
“This is not the first time a new party is coming to Anambra, we have nothing to fear, politics is local and what we are contesting for is to represent our people.
” Our people cannot leave what they know to what they don’t know. We are not jittery and we are more than capable to win the election for the PDP,” she said.
Speaking on the certificate of return , she said it was a happy day for them for receiving their certificates , adding that the journey was tedious, saying the supporters had done the right thing by voting them.
“We thank the delegates for voting us, the real election is coming and we are ready. We will put ourselves together to combat the opposition.
” Anambra is a PDP state, so having this solders with us, you can imagine what will happen when we put our strategy in place, the victory is ours,” she said.
The senator thanked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and the PDP for a credible primaries.
She said the incumbent lawmakers among them had worked tirelessly to serve the people, adding that what the people had seen in terms of performance was a tip of the iceberg.
According to her, our people will again, see good roads and other infrastructure. We have people with capacity, the party knows that and the delegates. Continuity is what is important in legislative work.
Asked about the relationship with the APGA administration in Anambra, she said: “We will get along with the governor.”
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Afam Ogene Joins Labour Party


Kelechi Ogbu 


News reaching our desk has it that a former House of Representatives, Hon.Afam Ogene has defected to the Labour Party with the intention to run for the House of Representatives seat for Ogbaru Federal Constituency.


Ogene, a journalist and publisher of News365 daily announced his intention this evening in a chat with our correspondent.  Ogene placed the reason for his decision to defect.and run on the pedestal that it had been eight years since he left the House and the constituency was seriously yearning for the kind of proactive legislation they witnessed in his four year stint.


Ogene, had earlier represented the Ogbaru Federal Constituency under the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance , APGA but fell out with the duo of Governor Willie Obiano and Senator Victor Umeh. He then defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC.


With this development, Ogene will square up with candidates of the PDP, APGA and APC.




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Nigeria 2023: Eneukwu, Arodiogbu Talk Tough

PDP should be ashamed of failing to zone presidency to SouthEast- Eneukwu

_Imo and Ebonyi are models of good governance-Arodiogbu

_Urges Igbo presidential aspirants to unite



The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the SouthEast Region of Nigeria has taken the opposition party to the cleaners accusing the party of neglecting the zone despite the level of support received from the zone.


This was the message of the Deputy National Chairman South of APC , Chief Emma Eneukwu.


Speaking at the first SouthEast APC Zonal Stakeholders meeting held in its secretariat in the SouthEast, Eneukwu described the 16 years of the PDP as years of waste as at today the party despite the fact that it benefitted handsomely from the votes of the region , failed it then and has continued to fail the zone by failing to reward the zone with the presidential ticket. He urged the zone to punish the party by voting massively for the APC which despite its poor performance in the zone had still invested heavily in infrastructure and other aspects of life.

The meeting which was well attended by party stakeholders from the five states that make up the zone saw Eneukwu charging party members to unite and shun infighting and anti party activities as well as work hard to ensure that APC wins Enugu and Abia in 2023.


In the same vein, the National Vice Chairman of the APC in the SouthEast, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu stated that the time for change in the SouthEast Region of Nigeria had come . He stated that by looking at the development trends in Imo and Ebonyi States had qualified both states to become good governance models in the country. He stated that it was these good governance models that the Zonal Executive were committed to, and would seek to achieve this by presenting quality candidates who must go through a free and fair primaries.


He urged all party members to abide by the rules and regulations whilst vowing to invoke mechanisms of discipline to address any action that would be inimical to the party’s success.


On Igbo presidency, Arodiogbu agreed that the prevailing mood within the country was for the president to emerge from the SouthEast in order to help unite the country and reduce the various flash points of ethnic agitations, thus promising to work with the national leadership to ensure that the zone was not shortchanged by other zones which had in all instances had their fair share of producing the nation’s national leaders but were still warming up to contest again, however he called on all those contesting to work together and ensure that the zone put its best foot forward.

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APC SouthEast Holds Zonal Executive Committee Meeting


  • _2023 Elections Tops Its Agenda
  • To begin series of consultations
  •  Abia, Anambra and Enugu identified as critical states
  • Urge Withdrawal of all cases in court_

The All Progressives Congress, APC has identified states like Abia, Anambra and Enugu as critical states vowing to put its house in order to ensure that the party records 70 percent success in the forthcoming 2023 polls.


This was the resolution of the SouthEast APC at its first Zonal Executive Committee meeting which was held in Enugu yesterday.
The meeting which commenced at about 2:30 pm saw the Zonal Executive Committee, ZEC deliberate on a number of pressing issues such as the coming general elections and the resolution of disputes within a number of state chapters.
The Zone under the leadership of its National Vice Chairman, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu announced its desire to record immense electoral success at the forthcoming polls with the fielding of credible candidates for all positions during the general elections . To this end the Zone would begin a series of consultations with numerous party stakeholders across the states as well as sensitization programmes. One plank of such a sensitization programme would be the training of party executives from the state working committee down to the wards in order to bring a number of these party executives up to speed on present day party management techniques as well as the setting up of a Think-Tank at the Zonal level to develop the content and manuals for such training programmes.
On its identification of Abia, Anambra and Enugu as critical states, the Zone noted that since these states were presently without sitting governors, the task of ensuring that these aforementioned states comes under the APC’s orbit would require strategic planning as well as the identification of the party’s strength and weaknesses within the various states. To this end, the zone needed to begin quite early to sort out the best ways to win over such states come 2023, stating that it would leave no stone unturned.
On discipline, the zone stated that it stood with the decision of the National Working Committee, NWC of the party which had asked all aggrieved persons to withdraw their cases from the courts.
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NANS Anambra, ASUU Berate Ngige On ASUU Strike

Obinna Nwanekwu, Awka

  • NANS to mobilize against his ambition    
  • His children have long graduated from school

The nation’s student body, National Association of Nigerian Students as well as the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has berated the Minister for Labour and presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Chris Ngige for blaming ASUU for the pervading strike in Nigerian Universities describing such remarks as unbecoming of a statesman.

Ngige had made this comments while interviewed on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’.

He had reportedly stated that the industrial unrest in the universities was as a recurring decimal  and went on to quote figures deemed  by our fact checkers as unreliable.

These statements earned him the wrath of both NANS and ASUU who described the statements as baseless and unbecoming of a statesman.

Speaking for NANS Rt Hon Chibueze Ofole, Coordinator for NANS in Anambra described the statements as unfair to the plight of the Nigerian Student who had committed no crime but the ordinate desire to study and assist their parents and guardians who had sacrificed so much for them.

Ofole wondered if this was the same Ngige who had reduced the heavy school fees levied against students while he was Governor of Anambra State and had also made a number of achievements in the education sector, describing the situation now as worrisome.

” How can our minister, Ngige come on air and justify our suffering? This is not fair and should be condemned, the Nigerian student has committed no crime but for his or her desire to gain knowledge which can be used to better the lot of our parents and guardians who have suffered and sacrificed for them.

NANS is hereby demanding an unreserved apology from the Minister otherwise we will invoke the.spirit and the.principles of Alutarism and mobilize against the ambition of the Minister. That is should he even get the ticket of the APC, we will mobilize heavily against it, that is if we fail to get this apology.  “

For ASUU, the comments largely offended most members of the academic union. For Dr. Sude Olutobi a member of the ASUU implementation committee the continuous blaming of ASUU by Ngige was in bad faith and would only extend the strike. He said: “Listening to a doctor turned politician, a former governor of Anambra state and a member of the 7th senate, Dr Chris Ngige, I discovered there is no hope for the Nigerian university students. The ASUU strike is likely to linger more than expected.”

Olutobi also challenged Ngige to tell the world which of his children was still a student in any Nigerian university as all of them had graduated, and perhaps could be a reason for the Minister’s non-chalance on the matter.

ASUU had on the 14th of February , 2022 embarked on a one month warning strike which it was forced to extend and now in its 9th week following the FG’s failure to meet a number of its demands as well as the implementation of previously reached agreements, particularly the 2019 Memorandum of Action.

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APC SouthEast Holds Inaugural Meeting

*Promise to win more states in the zone
*Igbo Presidency to top its agenda
*Reconciliation ongoing with aggrieved members*

The Zonal Leadership of the All Progressives Congress in the SouthEast today held its inaugural meeting in Enugu today. The zone which is led by Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu did unfold its agenda for the party in the zone which he said had benefited much from the APC led administration at the centre and even in the states in which the party was the ruling party.


The meeting which began by 12pm saw Dr. Arodiogbu and other members of the exco embarking on a tour of the Zonal Secretariat before settling down to discuss issues affecting the party in the zone.


Speaking later to members of the press at exactly 3:30 pm, Dr . Arodiogbu assured APC members that the party was ready to help win more states in the zone and this was due to the huge benefits witnessed in the zone in terms of infrastructural development, security, commerce and agriculture.


On Igbo Presidency, Arodiogbu stated that it was cardinal on his agenda and that he and his team members would brainstorm with other stakeholders to see how the zone could unite and deliver one of its own as president.


When asked about the numerous crisis rocking the party in the various states, the zonal chairman replied that the zone was already reconciling factions and aggrieved members noting that it would continue to reach out to these party members to see how much of their interests could be accommodated, stating that the APC in the SouthEast was one family.


Also in attendance were the Zonal Secretary, Chief Itapah Azilobu , Zonal Organising Secretary, Dozie Ikedife, Zonal Publicity Secretary, Augustine Onyedebelu, Zonal Legal Adviser, Mayor Ogbonna Ernest, Zonal Woman Leader, Diyouku Uchenna  and Ikenna Anyaelechi.

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